Sep 30, 2009

Design Theft

I was very dismayed to hear recently that one of my most prized works was pilfered, printed on cushions and was being sold in my very own Mumbai. Posted here is my original work (from deviantART) and pictures of the very terrible, IMO, copies (yes people, there are two copies, 'Raja' and 'Rani') below, on cushions. Selling for Rs. 750 bucks a piece!




Obviously I had the store in question take them off the shelves. Apparently, as you can see by the flickr tags, the illustration was 'flicked' (I can't imagine a more appropriate word, can you?) by a certain Radhika Vissanji of Singapore, and she was retailing MY design under a brand called Devangi designs. Guess what? Google her and you'll find she's a One Show Pencil winner and a reputed Art Director. From what I've heard, she claims that the similarity is due to a 'coincidence'.

I think it is quite a coincidence that she found my image on deviantART, flicked it, auto-traced and printed it on cushions. Is it also a coincidence that I am going to sue her? Hmm......


Let me be.. said...

Please, please sue her! How did you find out about it though? Scary.

Pratik Ghosh said...

my god .. my god..
this is toooo much..
plz sue her!!
oh.. n btw very nice blog u hav..
are u from nid? (by any chance)

Mira said...

Hi Pratik, Yes I am from NID. PG Graphics... :) But I think you already know that :P

matt said...

Hi. this happened to me too. my design is seen on my deviant and someone informed me that it is being used as a tshirt design without my consent. By the way did you sue her? how?

Anonymous said...

she used to stay in ashutosh building in nepean sea road.had 2 broken engagements before eloping with someone in singapore.cheat radhika vissanji is


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