Jun 2, 2010

The Wall Project | May 30th

Another hot Sunday in Mumbai. But instead of spending this one at home waiting for when my Dad says I can switch the air conditioner on, we were out painting...walls. For real.

I have always loved graffiti, when done well, because it dresses up drab walls and is a strong statement of self expression. So this opportunity was not to slip through my fingers.

Sai, Rohit and I gathered up a group and I got Yorick to come just in the nick of time for the event. We attacked a paint shop first, and surprisingly the distemper was pretty cheap, with stainer and all. I chose a particularly smooth wall and got to work, chalking out the drawing.

I drew a Khamsa, or Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, a muslim-jewish symbol that is said to ward off the evil eye. Khamsa literally means five in arabic, and is sometiems drawn with an eye in the centre of the palm, and with symmetrical thumbs. I surrounded it with Lotuses, and as on Yorick's suggestion, waves.

All done!
What fun, and well worth the sweat and the smells from all the shit decorating the road :P


Arch at Rang said...

How cool is that~

Great work:-)

pRiyA said...

Just wanted to comment on the 5th foto: Dark skin against bright yellow = Pretty striking image.

Piaa said...

wow, mira -- love it.

Especially because you did this instead of waiting for dad to say when you can switch on the AC!!

Ambika said...

LOVE this one! Great work!!


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