Mar 4, 2011


I hate Lady Gaga. She loves Lady Gaga. But we both love Lady Ghagra

Both of us thought she was weird enough and whacky enough to be inspiration for our project, though.

So what is Lady Ghagra?
1. It's a jewellery brand.
2. It was birthed by 2 girls who have the same extravagant, dorky taste in jewellery and fashion.
3. It's kind of Indian. Sometimes.
4. It's also 'too much!'
5. It is handmade.
6. It is all those odd things you see in a local marketplace--
refashioned for your finger, your neck, your ears, or weird parts. :P

Who is Lady Ghagra?
Sonal Samel who is also an awesome photographer, and Me, (erm this is my blog...)

So please do have a look at our current offerings...

And LIKE our FB Page!

Orders can be placed at


Anonymous said...

Ohmy goodness! This is so freaking cool! I love the ring with cogwheels! And the sharpener! Superb! Hopping over to your facebook, guys!

sartorial diary said...
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sartorial diary said...

haha what an innovative name(though talking ill of the gagster is like blasphemy in my book,i'll let it pass this time :P )
i LOVE the rings!especially the purple and blue orchid(?) ones and the black and pink old record-esque ring!

Oona said...

haha these are awesome! especially that pencil sharpener! props to lady ghagra! :D


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