Mar 26, 2012

The Aghori

There was a young Aghori,
Who had not a dissimilar story,
From his friends en masse,
Who swallowed carcass,
And thought themselves quite holy.

I haven't posted in almost a year. Mostly because I have been largely dissatisfied with my work and more so, the quality of writing on this blog and its design. I feel a great shift in the kind of work I want to do, having acquired some proficiency in skills, I find myself bending more towards my real motivations. I intend this blog therefore to be more about my process, explorations and thoughts on design and allied interests. It no longer will be a wave of complaints, or a folio of my work (which you will soon find on my recently launched folio site and brand store.) In the meanwhile, I write some of my poems, perhaps still with some irreverence, but a greater understanding of what I am being irreverent for.
That said, this blog is currently under construction until further notice.

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Gunjan Joshi said...

LOL this poem is hilarious!


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