Feb 9, 2013

The Insta Story

I just got a new Android, replacing the neanderthal phone that was its predecessor, and more importantly, signifying a great evolutionary leap. This can only mean one thing, that I'm already addicted to Instagram. Let's have a look at the symptoms, yes?

 Yorick and I decorated this lovely wall, featuring Akash's poster of Narsimha 

Sometimes I feel I'm standing on the threshold of something momentous. In this case, the new brogues?

 I'm accustomed to being greeted by this warm fellow.

 Bobblehead Aunties never fail to amuse, ask them a question and get an uncertain reply

Sher Dil Hulahooper, Partypooper

Popats that can't fly, opt for a set of wheels

 Here's looking at you: shopping at Shilparaman, Hyderabad
Haathi, O Mere Saathi 

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