Oct 24, 2013

Levi's Pioneer at NH7 Weekender

Two of my tees among other artists' were on sale at NH7 Weekender, Pune, from Friday the 18th, to Sunday 20th October as part of the Levi's / NH7 Pioneer Studio. Was really fun to be able to screen print them yourself (well, to be honest, Yorick worked the squeegee), in the colours you like, seeing them get made right before your eyes!

Here are some pics from the stall:

That is one mother of a stall. More like a huge tent. 
Getting the tee ready for printing. Laying it flat against the printing surface.
The design had two colours, and so two screens were washed and made ready.
Placing the appropriate screen on the tee, in the right position.
The fun part begins. We chose a colour we liked and lay a few dollops evenly across the bottom of the screen.
Yorick works the squeegee while I shoot, with a little help from the crew. It's nice to have your hubby print your art on his own tee!
After the first colour is dry (5 minutes with a hairdryer) we go for the second round, with yellow.
Yorick prints while Nikhil from NH7 hears out a member of his crew.
The crew was really enthusiastic and were wearing most of the tees. This was the other design I contributed.

If this guy looks happy, I'm happy!
Anu from Levi's holds up the reverse colour tee I printed for myself.

And if you'd like to get your hands dirty, but did not attend the Pune edition, the stall will be at the Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata editions too.

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