Dec 12, 2010

Please vote for my brother!

My brother, Shirish Malhotra is a Western Classical Flautist, not to mention being proficient in violin, saxophone, classical guitar and a host of other instruments. He recently entered the Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011 contest and was one of the few Indians (the only in the flute section) shortlisted amongst the finalists. However to make it through he needs your vote! Please vote for him at this link, you can watch the video, and you just have to click once to vote:

Thanks! :D
Will keep you all posted on this!

EDIT | 28 Feb '11 : Little late on posting this, but my brother didn't make it to the final round, however I do know that several people took time out everyday to vote for him, and the word spread like wildfire. Thanks to all those who voted for their valuable time, support and encouragement.

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Pratik Ghosh said...

Your brother is a very talented musician. all the best to him. may he win!! :)


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