Dec 10, 2010

The Act of Plagiarism Part Three

So they did it again, this time it was Kollywood, the film "Va Quarter Cutting" grabbed my PROFILE PIC, the one you can see in the upper right corner of my blog in the sidebar, from deviantART and used it in this video, on the walls of a BROTHEL nonetheless:

I do not want to plaster this all over my blog, but you can watch the video, pay close attention to 0:32-0:36.
It appears again in the video, sadly.

It seems like I will have to take all my work down at this rate.

Do you think I need to make a separate tag for 'plagiarism'?


Abhijith said...

What you need is a lawyer, at this rate.
Look twice at the cast too.

Shreyas said...

Aaah, you found it. I watched the movie and went "AAAAAHHHH" when that bit came. But sadly I couldn't find the video at that point.

also. Kollywood. Tollwood is telugu.

Mira said...

will change that 2 people who noticed it, what were they thinking, nobody would know?


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