Dec 3, 2010

The Visual Poetry Project

Madness Mandali's Visual Poetry Project is almost here:
A few months ago I designed this poster which got the buzz started.

And already I am designing the book cover. 

Hopefully the book will be out sooner than you can say....(insert biggest word you can think of)

In the meanwhile, here are some things some people have to say about the book, just if you think you might be interested...hmm....

"Madness Mandali's first genre-bending exploration - KaviKala, with artwork to complement each poem makes reading poetry a more sensory experience" -

"There are some who work within a frame...and then there are those who think outside the box. Madness Mandali break the great divide that separates various forms of expression" - Mid-Day

"Just like Indian Idol threw the doors wide open for shower crooners, KaviKala gives wings to the caged imagination of budding poets and amateur artists" - Hindustan Times

"Madness Mandali is all set to resurrect the Dead poet’s society and other forms of artistic expression. Can the gen-next stand out like these young artists?" - Afternoon D & C

"The Mandali should be credited with the birth of the multimedia text – one that is not just read or seen but is heard, seen, read and lived simultaneously in spaces virtual and real." -

More on KaviKala soon.

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